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There is value in PALs of South Florida membership. Being part of an organization is more advantageous than going at it alone. Our annual membership rate is $500 per calendar year but the benefits are worth so much more.

PALs of South Florida membership gives you access to:

  • Access to a wealth of programming opportunities, organizational structure assistance, peer knowledge assistance, professional development webinars and more.

  • Grant opportunities as they become available.

  • Opportunity to attend our Annual PALs of South Florida Conference and Training.

  • Opportunity to attend our Annual Youth Conference and Training

  • Ability to apply for funding to support your sports programming thanks to our Partners

  • Receive the preferred membership rate for our Annual PALs of South Florida Training & Conferences at the preferred membership rate.

  • PAL to PAL career opportunities


A Member’s status is as an independent organization whose operations/activities are not subject to, nor afforded any form of oversight, inspection, or control by PALs of South Florida and that said Member is solely responsible for the conduct of its employees, volunteers, invitees and others who engage in Member operations/activities.


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